Make the Most of the Exhibitor Hall (& FREE Conference Planner!)

The exhibitor hall is one of the most important parts of the homeschool conference! OCEANetwork works hard to bring in fantastic vendors that come to show you their goods and services for your homeschool. You can ask vendors questions, flip through the curriculum, and get such a better experience than just buying online. 


As you prepare for your time at the conference, be sure to take these tips into consideration for a great experience!


*** The Oregon Christian Home Education conference is June 23-24 and you can still register at the door! Don't forget to request the FREE conference planner download at the bottom of this post! ***


10 Tips to Make the Most of the Exhibitor Hall


Make Lists - Write down the things you already have on your bookshelves and decide what to use this coming year, what to keep for the future, and what to give away. Then write down the things you still need for the coming year and a "wish list" for nice-to-haves. 


Check Out the Vendors - Go to the conference page and check out the list of vendors. Visit their web sites, if available. Mark which ones you want to be sure to spend time visiting at the conference! 


Plan Time to Visit the Exhibitor Hall - Be sure to plan a few times you will visit the exhibitor hall.  If you have to go during a workshop time slot remember you can get any sessions you missed later as a recording!  


Take Enough Time Exploring - Wear comfortable shoes and spend the time you need in the hall! A good approach is to loop through the hall and take notes or photos of the things you are considering, and then later come back through and spend more time looking at the materials and asking questions before purchasing. 


Ask Questions - Take advantage of the fact that the experts on the curriculum you are exploring are right there! Ask questions (making a list of questions ahead of time is helpful) and look through the items. 


Connect with Vendors - Also keep in mind that many vendors offer free shipping or other deals for purchasing at the conference! And making your purchases at the conference supports OCEANetwork as well as the fantastic vendors who spend much time and money to be there with us. Another tip is to bring return address labels to use on newsletter sign ups, order sheets, and any available giveaway signups! 


For more tips on making the most of the vendor hall, check out our FB live session here


Download the FREE Conference Planner!


To make your conference experience smoother we’ve put together this simple planner for your use! Sign up here to get the download!



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