Is College a Lousy Investment?

"Is college a lousy investment?" Megan McArdle of Newsweek isn’t the only person asking this question. With rising tuition costs, and diminishing returns, thousands of families are asking this question, but few are giving answers. 

That’s why OCEANetwork is letting you know about a November 15 webinar, “College without Confusion: A Homeschooler’s View of the Challenges and New Opportunities in Higher Education Today.”

Today, students leave college with an average student loan debt of about $30,000. Only 53% of entering college freshmen graduate within six years, and almost half of college sophomores show no significant improvement in learning compared to when they entered college. Upon graduation, students often have no idea what they want to do with their life and, sadly they discover that only about half of their graduating class can even find a job.  

It doesn’t have to be that way. 

  • What if there was a way for your student to discover their life purpose first and then build a college education around that?  

  • What if they could earn a college degree debt-free in less than 4 years? 

  • What if your student could maintain control over their education by earning dual credit for homeschool and college – outside liberal and uninspiring community colleges? 

  • What if your student could be 55% more likely to find a job upon graduation because they were spiritually mentored and prepared to pursue their God-given calling? 

Would you be interested in learning more? 

Please join Daniel Craig and OCEANetwork on November 15th at 7:00pm PDT for a special webinar for homeschool families. Daniel Craig is a homeschool graduate and national speaker on higher education and the amazing opportunities available to motivated homeschool students. 

The webinar is free, but could forever change the way you think about college. 


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