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25 years ago the Oregon Christian Home Education Association Network started publishing a newsletter the "Network News" as the center 4 pages of all The Teaching Home magazines sent to Oregon subscribers. The Internet, email, and social media were nowhere on the horizon. The Network News was the main way we had to communicate to Oregon homeschoolers.  Through the years we’ve published "OCEANetwork Currents" (a monthly newsletter for Supporting Families and support groups), "OCEANetwork Waves" (our semi-irregular magazine), "Leadership News," OCEANetwork Alerts and Updates through email, and kept the web site up to date.

Now we are joining the 21st century and starting an OCEANetwork blog. The OCEANetwork publications down through the years have been one-way communication; we have been sending information to you. The exciting thing about a blog is that it opens the door for two-way communication. Feel free to comment, offer opinions, submit guest blog posts. (Send guest blog posts to The purpose of this blog is “that we may be encouraged together with you while among you, each of us by the other’s faith, both yours and ours” (Romans 1:12).

The Romans passage has been so true for OCEANetwork board members as they travel to minister to support groups. We go intending to bless and encourage the families in the group, and we are hugely blessed and encouraged in return. We hope this blog, "Encouraged Together with You," also becomes a place of encouragement and blessing for you, and, in the process, we know we will be blessed, too.

Our goal with this blog is to bring many voices together to encourage you as you homeschool and train your children. To that end, OCEANetwork board members with many years experience homeschooling will be posting ideas and encouragement, and we are also enlisting the help of some experienced homeschool parents from Oregon, some homeschool graduates and some guest bloggers. We are aiming to have about two blogs per week that will encourage you as you homeschool and train your children, and we know that your comments and guest posts will be an encouragement to us, too.

We look forward to the conversation!

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mamaweeks wrote on 05/17/12 6:30 PM

Yay! A blog is a fantastic idea! Looking forward to the conference:)
Carolyn M

Carolyn M wrote on 05/17/12 7:06 PM

I look forward to see the content on your blog! I am sure it will be wonderful. :)

Melissa wrote on 05/17/12 11:43 PM

GREAT idea to start a blog! I'll for sure be checking it out regularly. Thank you for all you do for our families!

Lori wrote on 05/17/12 11:49 PM

A blog is a great idea. I love to hear other parents share about struggles and victories. I'm very excited for the conference this year. Last year was my first time-- fantastic!!

Cynthia wrote on 05/18/12 12:07 AM

This blog is a fantastic idea! I can't wait to be well informed by OCEANetwork! thanks!!

Tauna wrote on 05/18/12 12:25 AM

I'll read it! Would like an email subscription field to be available though. Thanks!

Susan wrote on 05/18/12 12:26 AM

Thank you for all of your wonderful work. My husband and I have enjoyed the annual conference for the last 3 years and we hope to go again this year.

OCEANetwork wrote on 05/18/12 12:44 AM

Tauna, We'll have to figure how to do email subscriptions for the blog. That sounds like a good idea.

Laura wrote on 05/18/12 1:58 AM

Thanks for setting up a blog. A once a year conference is just not enough! We need your support year round.


Jody wrote on 05/18/12 4:44 AM

I agree with Tauna about wanting to subscribe to the blog as an email. I'm not sure if I will see the new posts without something showing up in my inbox. :) I look forward to seeing more of what I love from OCEAN...encouragement! Thank You!
Cindy H

Cindy H wrote on 05/18/12 11:33 AM

It will be good to hear what is going on in the larger Oregon community.
Mozi Esmes Mom

Mozi Esmes Mom wrote on 05/18/12 11:46 AM

Glad you joined us in the blogging world!

For those wanting an email option - they can set it up themselves here:

And feedburner is a super easy way to add the option to the blog:
Cindy H

Cindy H wrote on 05/18/12 11:48 AM

Here's a question from a novice iPad user: I find it is sometimes hard to find the correct label for a blog to enter into Flipboard. Do you know how I can find you?

OCEANetwork wrote on 05/18/12 12:25 PM

Cindy, I hope someone else can answer your question for you, because it sounds like you are talking a foreign language to me. :)

Mozi Esmes Mom, Thanks for the help with the email option.

I'm very new to the blogging world. In fact, I hesitated a long time before jumping in because I thought I had to know everything and be perfect before I got started. After all, I'm representing OCEANetwork, homeschooling, and, most importantly, the Lord to the world. (When you receive the OCEANetwork magazine next week, you'll read about some of my struggles with perfectionism.) The Lord (and my husband) have been working on getting me to let go of that perfectionism. I still have a long way to go.

All that to say that I'm learning about blogging as I go and I appreciate those of you who know more about it helping each other (and me) out. I see that as a real plus to the world of blogging. It's not just a one-way conversation.

Emily wrote on 05/18/12 9:25 PM

Thank you for starting this blog, to let us know what is happening with Oceanetwork. Oh, and I'm really looking forward to the conference! We've been homeschooling 7 years, but this will be our first conference.

Diane wrote on 05/19/12 4:02 PM

It's great to have a blog to reference to now!
Shannon Davis

Shannon Davis wrote on 05/21/12 9:48 AM

An OCEANetwork Blog is an awesome instant gratification for information and support seeking homeschoolers like me. However, I recognise yet another time and energy consuming act of service. Thank you. You have my deep appreciation and prayers of steadfastness. The Davis family is so grateful.

Tammy wrote on 05/21/12 2:40 PM

We're looking forward to the conference!
Kendal Lynch

Kendal Lynch wrote on 05/21/12 10:28 PM

Excited to receive posts from OCEAN now on Facebook, and yay for blogs! We're attending the conference for the first time this year - very excited!!!

Beth wrote on 05/21/12 10:43 PM

I am very happy to see this blog start-it will be like little bits of the conference encouragement all year long!

Heather wrote on 05/21/12 11:36 PM

Thank you for creating this blog! Today I felt extra lonely as we homeschooled. I was encouraged by all the conversations! Looking forward to the conference coming up!

Marla wrote on 06/04/12 4:47 PM

Would it be possible in the blog to include a daily/weekly devotional geared toward homeschooling parent/s? This is an area where it is challenging to find a good 'daily' just for HS'ers - covering the areas we are uniquely challenged in. I am not saying other devotionals are not timely, just some days I find I need more 'on target' encouragement in the HS'g arena.
Of course, any updates are valued regarding legal factors surrounding HS'g.
Could another area possibly be local support groups? In Oregon, I have found some groups no longer active, some yet to be 'unearthed' (other than by word of mouth), and some listed may not be good 'fits' for everyone. Perhaps a BB where groups could post their availability and what niches they comprise.
It goes without saying - anything to do with the annual conference, and used curriculum sales.
What about a calendar page just for all events? Of course, they would need to be submitted for/pending approval, then posted upon approval. Not the same as OCEA's, rather an additional feature of the blog.
Will advertiser's be featured? Only those approved of course.
Just suggestions.
Thank you for your care about, and investment, in us!
Looking forward to reading more ideas for the upcoming blogs ahead:)

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