American Civics: Teaching Your Children to Vote


By Christine Bullock

It is that time of year again when ballots arrive by mail in Oregon and decisions are made about a variety of politicians and measures. We Oregonians are blessed by a venue of voting that allows us to literally show our children how Americans vote. Talk about a homeschooling opportunity not to miss! Open up those ballots and start covering American Civics at the kitchen table. 

“Civic responsibility begins with voting,” my police chief father told me while I was young.  History, and the part my family had played in it, was dinner table discussion. Voting was viewed as a privilege that should be exercised, generation after generation.  People planned ahead to carve time out of normal routines to vote because it mattered.  I fondly remember the community spirit that occurred every second Tuesday in November.  People from all over gathered, kids and parents, in the small assembly room.  Parents disappeared behind curtained cubicles while children looked forward to the day they could join in the process.  Today voting with my children looking on at the kitchen table gives them a sense of the high value I place on the process as well.

“Insult no man, debate the issues,” was another axiom my parents imparted. Only lousy debaters attack personally.  There is a reason why is it called “mudslinging” and “dirty campaigning.”  My dad was big on communication skills. He expected his children to know how to communicate intelligently without falling back on name calling. Honoring the position rightly, even if in disagreement with the person in the position, is God’s way. My parents never hesitated to tell me how they voted.  They explained why they made the choices they did, but they spoke with respect of those who did not see things the same way. 

Vote your values. My parents did their homework beforehand.  They came prepared to make wise choices. Today this plays out with me getting equipped with a several voter’s guides that explain issues, and voting records.  I pull them out and show my children boxes and graphs, pros and cons.  Not only do they learn to read data more efficiently, but they also become familiar with the “language” used by politicians to manipulate voters. The mailbox is full of mailers of would- be leaders and positional statements on measures.  Pull a few out and explain how mass marketing works politically.  Your students will be much wiser when the time comes for them to make their own voice heard through their vote.

One of the chief blessings of homeschooling is the chance to live our lives side by side with our kids.  Sitting at the table with pen and ballot is just one more thing easily done to make a lifelong impression. Take the time to use your vote as an educational opportunity that will continue on in the next generation.

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I think this is the practice which American civics is teaching to kids. Today, biggest problem is to choose a right leader and if an individual know whom to vote from his early age then it become very easy for him to vote for the right leader. Well, you are inspiring me to do the same.
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A vote is an essential part of your country. Vote decides which can rule over the country so always choose wisely as you might regret in the end if you vote for the wrong person. It’s a good thing that children are being thought from early age about voting. When we were young no one told us about it and we just vote it for fun. Now we understand the true meaning behind a vote.
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Teaching children about voting and it importance is very much important. Children are the future of the country and they must be thought what is voting and why we should vote and what will happen if we neglect voting. What is the real use of voting and if can make difference to their country if people don`t vote.
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Children should be taught to select the right candidate before they are taught to vote. They should be taught to understand if the candidate is making false promises. They should know the world politics. They should know the impact they can make with one vote.
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This article has truly highlighted the importance of voting and how we as citizens need to utilize this fundamental right. Imparting such democratic values should begin at home among the children which will help mould them into true and responsible citizens of the country.
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Elections should be considered as a social activity rather than being partial to certain political parties. We have to make sure that our votes are not wasted. It should be cast to the ideal candidate rather than selecting them by the color of their party flag.
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