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Worth Caring for and Preserving

In the 1970s, young men barely out of high school were drafted to fight in the Vietnam War. The average age of our combat troops in Vietnam was 20. Some left for Vietnam straight out of high school.

The teenage soldier had two frequent laments: leaving his high school sweetheart behind and finding someone worthy to care for his car. 

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Not Back to School

We had decided to homeschool our little guy and I was scared. Was I doing the right thing? Would my child be OK? Was I good enough? Smart enough? Organized enough? – to teach kindergarten. Homeschooling was so different. A thirty-year veteran shares what she learned from her homeschool adventure.

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Teaching More than One: Part 2

How do you to teach a houseful?  Here are continued tips on what works to help mom accomodate many.

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