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Here's to Another Great Year!

For me, homeschooling was always an option, but not so much for my husband.  As our oldest started nearing kindergarten, we realized that neither of us was really thrilled about the elementary schools available to us.  So I started exploring homeschooling more seriously and was quickly overwhelmed by the amount of information available.  I had no idea where to start and was entertaining the idea of giving up.

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Homeschooling the Tortoise and the Hare

The Tortoise and the Hare From ''The Æsop for Children'', by Æsop, illustrated by Milo Winter Project Gutenberg etext 19994 Understanding the different bents of both parents and child is an important part of home education.  It is so easy to exasperate a child by neglecting to see both the strengths and weakness of their personality.  One of the most freeing things about homeschooling is being able to accommodate whatever bent God has gifted your child with. No homeschool needs to look like anyone else’s.  It can be tailor made!

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Refresh and Renew

The past week my household has been thrown into controlled chaos as we began a modest remodeling project in our living room, dining room and kitchen. Crazy right?

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