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Study Oregon with Your Family (FREE Printable Study Guide)

Do you know that the vital role of missionaries in the founding of the state of Oregon is commemorated by two statues of missionaries on the Capitol grounds? Or that Oregon is the only state in the Union that has a different pattern on the front and on the back of the state flag? Or that Salem is exactly half way between the north pole and the equator? Oregon history is rich and exciting. Study it with your family using the FREE Oregon Study Guide provided by OCEANetwork.

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Into the 21st Century

We are joining the 21st century and starting the OCEANetwork blog, "Encouraged Together With You." The OCEANetwork publications down through the years have been one-way communication; we have been sending information to you. The exciting thing about a blog is that it opens the door for two-way communication and we look forward to the encouragement we will both give and receive.

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