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Freedom to Homeschool is Worth Fighting For

freedom to homeschool worth fighting for

OCEANetwork’s main motivation for seeking freedom for homeschool families is based on our understanding of biblical principles of jurisdiction – who has the biblical authority and responsibility to raise children. Not everyone has to have the same understanding, but we would like you to understand what motivates us to pursue homeschool freedom for Oregon homeschoolers year after year. Here's an article we first wrote in 1997 and updated several times since.

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So Thankful for the Freedom to Homeschool

Give Thanks unto the Lord

As homeschoolers in Oregon, we have much to be thankful for as we strive to raise our children as unto the Lord.
Here are a few of the things the OCEANetwork board members are thankful for.

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Were you at the Religious Liberty Rally?

On Saturday March 8th, 2014, conservative political organizations in Oregon held a rally to support religious liberty, life, family and fiscal responsibility. At this point you may be wondering what all this has to do with home schooling and OCEANetwork's desire for total home education freedom. Well, to have education freedom, we must first have religious freedom. In case you haven't noticed, our religious freedom is under attack.

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