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Study Oregon with Your Family (FREE Printable Study Guide)

Do you know that the vital role of missionaries in the founding of the state of Oregon is commemorated by two statues of missionaries on the Capitol grounds? Or that Oregon is the only state in the Union that has a different pattern on the front and on the back of the state flag? Or that Salem is exactly half way between the north pole and the equator? Oregon history is rich and exciting. Study it with your family using the FREE Oregon Study Guide provided by OCEANetwork.

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Pray for Those in Authority

Pray for those in authority with these encouraging words in mind!We are reminded throughout scripture that God individually placed our "rulers" and "those in eminent position" in their place of authority. Scripture also tells us that it is our responsibility to pray for these men and women "that we may lead quiet and peaceable lives in all godliness and honesty." 

We must not loose heart, but remember that "the effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much" (James 5:16).

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The Myth of Remand

the myth of remanding homeschool students to a classroom

Myth: Requiring a homeschool child who scores low on a standardized test to go back to a classroom for his education will improve his learning. (Putting them back in the classroom is "remanding."

What is best for homeschool children who are scoring on the low end of the scale on achievement tests? Is it the one-on-one tutorial method of homeschooling? Or is it remanding them to a classroom, i.e., requiring them to go to a classroom for their education? What do statistics show?

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