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Why do we pursue education?

Why do we pursue higher education for our children? What is the purpose of education? How do we develop a Biblical vision for higher education?

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309 comments | Posted by Dorothy Karman on Nov 13, 2012 at 9:52 PM | Categories: After High School - Discipling -

American Civics: Teaching Your Children to Vote

It is that time of year again when ballots arrive by mail in Oregon and decisions are made about a variety of politicians and measures. We Oregonians are blessed by a venue of voting that allows us to literally show our children how Americans vote. Talk about a homeschooling opportunity not to miss!

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A New Kind of Quiet (and “Quiet Time”)

Do you remember having quiet time? You know, that time of your life when you got up early, brewed a cup of coffee and spent time with the Lord? I remember those days well. I looked forward to them when I was working and Jay was still at Multnomah University. Kids came into the picture after we had been married for two years, making my quiet time not so quiet. A few years later, I started homeschooling. In terms of my devotional life, it was like having a big vacuum suck up my time, my energy, and even my desire to spend time with the Lord.

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