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Tackling Tattling

If you have more than one child, you have a tattling problem in your home. How can you deal with tattling biblically? OCEANetwork board member Shelli Wanvig provides some food for thought in this difficult area of parenting.

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Teacher in Training

homeschool teacher in training

It is a basic truth that homeschooling by its very nature requires flexibility. The most common statement I get when someone finds out I’m homeschooling is that I must have amazing patience.  Hah! If only they knew! Whatever your personal triggers for irritation are, they will be inevitably flipped while homeschooling. You can count on it. But in that irritation you will often find the Perfect Parent teaching the teacher the lessons that need to be learned.


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A Christmas Challenge

How are you planning to celebrate Christmas this year? Take a moment to pause. Leave the calendars, lists, beckoning Christmas to-do’s, and pause to ponder the manger. Christmas should naturally be full of merrymaking and joyful gatherings, but sadly our culture seeks to transform it into a frantic, ugly display of commercialism. The Prince of Peace would have us bring examples of His peace into this frenetic confusion not add to it.

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