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OCEANetwork Conference Giveaway: Curriculum Bundle1

OCEANetwork's Facebook Party Giveaway 2

The 2015 OCEANetwork Homeschooling Conference is just around the corner (June 19-20)! We are celebrating with a Facebook party and a series of giveaways with curriculum, gift certificates, ebooks and more! Don't forget to check the blog for more giveaways! Teaching your children to know and love God. Isn't that what we ultimately strive for in our homeschooling efforts? Pointing them to Jesus.  Today we have a wonderful package of curriculum that does just that. Enter below! Winners will be selected and announced on June 9th. 

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A New Kind of Quiet (and “Quiet Time”)

Do you remember having quiet time? You know, that time of your life when you got up early, brewed a cup of coffee and spent time with the Lord? I remember those days well. I looked forward to them when I was working and Jay was still at Multnomah University. Kids came into the picture after we had been married for two years, making my quiet time not so quiet. A few years later, I started homeschooling. In terms of my devotional life, it was like having a big vacuum suck up my time, my energy, and even my desire to spend time with the Lord.

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