Home (school) for the Holidays

Whether you put the books on the shelf during December for the month or for a week, you don’t have to feel guilty because it doesn’t mean learning has been put on the shelf. Here are some things your children can be learning even if they aren’t following your normal school routine.

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Giving Thanks When It's Not Easy

 Dear homeschooler, are you going through a rough or stressful time? Is giving thanks hard in this season? Being thankful in everything doesn’t mean slapping on a plastic smile when things are hard. It means being thankful for who God is no matter what the circumstance... Even when things are hard. Even when you don’t understand.



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Not Back to School

Twenty-seven years ago today, I sat on the couch in our living room watching the neighborhood children walk excitedly by on the way to their first day of kindergarten and I cried. 

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Make the Most of the Exhibitor Hall (& FREE Conference Planner!)

The exhibitor hall is one of the most important parts of the homeschool conference! OCEANetwork works hard to bring in fantastic vendors that come to show you their goods and services for your homeschool. You can ask vendors questions, flip through the curriculum, and get such a better experience than just buying online. 


As you prepare for your time at the conference, be sure to take these tips into consideration for a great experience! Then download the FREE Conference Planner for your convenience!

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Conference Countdown Grand Prize

Oregon homeschool conference countdown Facebook party grand prize

 The OCEANetwork homeschool conference is happening June 23-24! To make it extra special for you, we're offering some of fantastic prizes to bless your conference time. Enjoy! 

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